4 Ladies 4 Gentlemen

Sylvia Cohan, Communication Coach

Written by Sylvia Cohen

Using posture, breath and voice, you can increase your gravitas and presence. Stay connected to what you are saying at all times, calm and in the moment.


4 Top Tips that can help you if you’re feeling really nervous on or before your date:

1. Bring your attention entirely too the person that you are with. Really listen to them and you will find yourself responding quite naturally. This will cure your nerves, as it will quite literally bring you out of yourself. It will also make you more attractive as one of the most seductive things is to be really listened to.

2. When we get nervous our breath rises and we literally become underground. The ground and feet are your best friend to prevent this happening. You can do this simple exercise standing in a quiet room or even when you are sitting waiting for your date to arrive.

Place your feet hip with apart on the floor really feel their connection to the ground, close your eyes and each outward breath feel your feet’s connection to the ground increasing. After a few breaths imagine small roots shooting from your feet and growing into the ground. It will bring your breath down and literally around you making you feel calmer and in control.

3. If you feel you are tripping over words and rushing through sentences remember this simple mantra THINK, BREATH, SPEAK This will keep you calm in the moment, engaging and make you ultimately more attractive.

4. We operate in three circles of presence, first, second, and third. Second circle is the circle of seduction. When two people connect they are both in second Circle, listening and responding giving and receiving. Second circle relates to our breath, voice and body as well as our heart and head.

Thank you to Sylvia Cohen – www.sylviacohencommunication.com