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Feel calm, relaxed and energised by taking a pre-date run: Top 4 Tips from Runbreeze

Written by Stuart Brooks

When your feeling nervous or stressed, running is perhaps one of the best things you can do to soothe those pre-date nerves.


Exercise promotes the production of neurohormones like Norepinephrine and Endorphins that are associated with elevated mood, memory and learning. Not only does this help you feel more positive, it also allows the body’s physiological systems to communicate much more closely than usual giving you more energy. The cardiovascular system communicates with the renal system, which communicates with the muscular system. All of these are controlled by the central and sympathetic nervous systems allowing your mind and body to align more easily. The rhythmic flow of a repeat action such as running also relaxes your mind and allows you to focus. It’s your time so release the worries of the day and focus on what ever you choose. If this happens to be meeting that someone special then why not make sure you not only look great but also feel great on the big night.

Top 4 Tips:

1) Ensure the pre-night run is not overly strenuous. The run should be uplifting and energising not an ‘empty the tank’ full effort. Save some energy for conversation. Yawning is not an option!

2) Use short sharp sprints to raise yourself to your A-game. You will finish the run feeling energised and in a much more positive frame of mind.

3) Ensure you eat and drink correctly before running. Do not eat for at least 90 minutes before running at intensity. 60 minutes is fine for an easy jog. Make sure you are well hydrated before running to help prevent injury.

4) Post run make sure you have a pre-dinner snack with a high protein content to stop you from feeling starving in those early evening date drinks. A handful of almonds or a protein shake will do the trick and delay that hungry post run feeling until the main course arrives.

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